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Safety, Rome safety tips for tourists

With its ancient history, artistic treasures and vibrant culture, Rome is a dream destination for many travelers. To ensure a pleasant and safe visit to the Eternal City, it is important to be familiar with security measures. This comprehensive guide offers in-depth safety tips for tourists in Rome, covering various aspects to improve your overall experience.

Thefts from bags are common in Rome. Pockets, jackets and backpacks. Be careful!!!

Protect your valuables:

Wear a money belt or similar Use a secure money belt to keep important items such as money, passport and electronic devices close to your body.

In Rome, your wallet doesn’t belong in the back pocket of your pants, that’s too unsafe!

Don’t flaunt your assets: Show expensive jewelry, cameras and other valuables as little as possible.

Backpacks and bags:

Wear a backpack in the front: If you wear a backpack, wear it in the front to avoid pickpockets.

Secure Zippers: Make sure your bags and backpacks have secure zippers and use caution, especially in crowded places.

Safety in Rome on public transport:

Beware of pickpockets: Pickpockets are common on crowded buses and trains, so be careful.
Avoid isolated spaces: Avoid being alone in empty subways or secluded areas of train stations, especially late at night.

Hotel security in Rome:

If possible, use a hotel safe to store important documents and valuables.

Check security measures: Before your stay, ensure that the doors and windows of your accommodation are secure and closed.

Money and ATMs:

Choose a secure ATM: To reduce the risk of theft, use an ATM in Rome in a well-lit, frequently visited location.
Cover up your PIN when you enter it at an ATM and be careful with the cash you withdraw.

Embassy emergency numbers and contact information:

Write down emergency numbers such as 112 (European Emergency Service) and make sure you can quickly find your embassy’s contact information.

Fake cops and beggars:

Check ID: Be wary of people impersonating police officers and always check your ID.
Ignore aggressive beggars: Avoid direct relationships with persistent beggars to prevent possible fraud or theft.

9. Health precautions:
Carry your health documents with you: Have a copy of your health insurance card ready and find out the location of medical facilities near your accommodation. Vaccinations: Make sure your vaccinations are up to date before traveling.

These Rome safety tips can reduce the chances of unpleasant surprises during a trip to Rome. Of course, despite all caution, a lot can happen.

The most common in Rome are thefts from bags. Pockets, jackets and backpacks. Be careful!!!

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