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The Museum of the Duomo of Milan is one of the best and largest museums in the city in the north of Italy. In several dozen rooms you can see exhibits such as sculptures from the Duomo of Milan opposite. The Museum of the Duomo is located directly on Milan’s Piazza del Duomo, less than 100 metres from the Duomo.

Entrance fees Cathedral Museum of Milan and combined tickets

Visitors with the Dompass (entrance ticket to the church and, depending on the variant, roof of the cathedral) can also visit the Milan Cathedral Museum free of charge. Those who only want to visit the museum pay an entrance fee of 5 euros (children from 6 years 3 euros, up to 5 years free).

Ticket Milan Cathedral: There is a total ticket for the Cathedral / access to the roof / Cathedral Museum and crypt (cathedral cellar). There is only one sales point on site opposite the cathedral. The queues there are often extremely long. Therefore, be sure to buy your ticket online beforehand: The Dom Ticket is available on this website

Opening hours of the Milan Cathedral Museum

The exhibition is open daily except Wednesday from 10 am to 6 pm. However, the cathedral and access to the roof of Milan Cathedral are also open on Wednesdays. As the Cathedral Passes with all the sights around the Cathedral are valid for 3 days, you can then go to the Cathedral Museum on another day.

Overview of Milan Cathedral Museum

The museum is quite large. There are 26 rooms in total and it has an area of over 2000 m²- There is a tour, you need at least an hour, even if you only look at things superficially. About halfway you come to the St-Gotthard church, which is behind the museum. You can also visit it (included in the entrance fee).

Perhaps the most interesting exhibit in the museum is a wooden replica of the cathedral, about 10 metres long. You can see it from one side after entering the museum, but at the end of the tour you can see it again in more detail.

Otherwise, the exhibitions are mostly chronological, with the oldest exhibits from the 14th century at the beginning and things from the 20th century at the end.

There are many sculptures in the museum of the Duomo of Milan. Some of the originals have been removed from the cathedral and replaced by copies. This is done for security reasons and is common practice in all important churches in Italy.

Very interesting are the stained glass windows that tell the story of the Bible like a picture book. Milan Cathedral is famous for these windows. In the cathedral you can only see them from a distance far above, in the cathedral museum you can look at some of the colourful stained glass windows up close.

Important pieces in the Milan Ecclesiastical Museum are also some crosses such as the Chiaravalle Cross and the Capitular Processional Cross. The Chalice of the Liberal Arts is also well known. There are also paintings and tapestries. In hardly any church in the world are there so many great objects as in Milan Cathedral. Many of them are no longer in the cathedral, but in the cathedral museum.

Other great cathedrals in Italy also have a museum. These include the Florence Cathedral Museum or the Siena Cathedral Museum. But we liked the one in Milan best. We also liked the good lighting of the great exhibition.

Milan Cathedral ticket: There is one ticket for the entire cathedral / access to the roof / cathedral museum and crypt (cathedral cellar). On site, there is only one sales point opposite the cathedral. The queues there are often extremely long. Therefore, be sure to buy your ticket online beforehand: The Dom Ticket is available on this website

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