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This article deals with various ways for tourists to get from Fiumicino Airport to downtown Rome. Fiumicino Airport (also Leonardo da Vinci Airport) is by far the largest airport in Rome. Almost all holidaymakers want to reach the centre of the capital of Italy quickly and cheaply after their arrival (distance about 30 kilometres). There are several possibilities for the transfer. There are two different railways, different providers of airport buses as well as taxis and so on.

For many holidaymakers it is a problem to find the way around the huge airport in Rome. Finding the right ticket counter, the right track or the right bus stop in the airport is not easy for every tourist. After having made it to the city centre of Rome (central station), you have to get to the booked hotel. Often not quite easy. In addition, there are the language problems. Many Italians do not understand English. Moreover, the airport Fiumicino is about 30 kilometres away from Rome. The simple solution of simply taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel tears a deep hole in the travel budget. In the following, we will briefly introduce the individual means of transport and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Buy weekly tickets for local transport in Rome before your trip: Many tourists have a problem to buy public transport tickets for Rome on arrival. For one thing, it is not easy to use Italian ticket machines, there are not ticket machines everywhere and often queues form. The cheap weekly ticket for Rome can now simply be bought online before the journey. It is sent by post. This website offers the 7-day-ticket for Rome.

 New: eSIM for travelers – Fast and cheap online with your cell phone in Italy

In the past you had to buy a sim card after your arrival in Italy to go online with your cell phone. These times are over. You can buy a new eSim beforehand on the Internet. Cheap packages for day, week and month with many gigabytes.

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Transfer by Train 2023

The fast train Leonardo Express

This modern train departs approximately every 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of day, between Rome Fiumicino Airport and Roma Termini Central Station. The journey time is relatively fast at 32 minutes. As far as we know, it does not stop once (non-stop). The fare is with 14 Euro per person one way however quite expensive for Italy. The Leonardo Express runs from 6:30 to 23:30 daily. The option Leonardo Express is especially good for tourists who have a hotel near the main station Termini. Otherwise, you have to change to the metro (subway), a tram, a bus or a taxi at the main station. At the biggest train station of Rome, Statione Termini, you should be absolutely careful against pickpockets. If you are on the way with the big luggage, the thieves immediately see that you are a tourist.

The slower train regional train

Tickets for this train between the airport and downtown Rome are clearly cheap (8 euros one way). A big disadvantage is that the train doesn’t go to Termini, but to a station called Rome Tuscolana (travel time about 45 minutes). This station is about 3 kilometers south of the city center. A subway station is nearby (name Ponte Lungo, distance about 250 meters). But if you are not familiar with the city, changing trains with luggage is not easy for tourists.

Our tip: Airport bus Transfer (Shuttle Bus)

We have heard a lot of positive things about the private airport buses in Rome. Since there are several competing providers, some of the tickets are very cheap. Depending on the provider, the 30 kilometre journey costs only about 5 euros. Some companies have recognized the fears and problems of the tourists. Thus you can buy the ticket already before on a web page in German language in the Internet. Some offerers bring their passengers even directly to the hotel. Some also offer their services at night.

Tip 1: Somebody picks you up with personal name tag directly in the arrivals hall at Rome Fiumicino airport and transfers you to the hotel in the city

Such a service can be booked for example for 2 persons for 17,50 Euro per person. If you travel with four people, the shuttle service costs the same as the Leonardo Express train (14 euros per person). You don’t have to search for the ticket counter, the right train and the way from the main station to the hotel. We think that this service is not a bad thing.

>>>  More information and tickets on this link

Tip 2: Shuttle bus between Rome Fiumicino Airport to Rome Central Station (Termini) for only 7 Euro in 2023

This offer is very cheap. Also here you can buy the ticket in advance on the internet. You get an exact description where to go at the airport. In addition, the transfer service is cheaper than the trains.

>>>  More information and tickets on this link

Tip 3: Private transfer pre-booked on the Internet (similar to taxi)

Much cheaper than we thought! For up to 4 persons this luxurious service costs only 55 Euro in total. You will be picked up at the airport with a name tag and driven to the hotel in the city centre by your own driver. It couldn’t be easier. This offer has a very good reputation.

>>>  More information and tickets on this link

You will find an overview of some other offers that can be booked on the Internet
on this link.

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