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Florence is, along with Venice and Rome, one of the 3 most visited cities in Italy. Millions of tourists come to Florence every year and the number is growing. In summer the city almost bursts, all hotels are full. Florence has some absolute top sights. One of them is certainly the cathedral with its gigantic, grandiose dome, one of the top 10 churches in the world. But also for example the world-famous bridge Ponte Vecchio and the two art museums Uffizi and Accademia have to be seen.

If you only have 1-4 days in Florence, you should think about what you want to see. Since the queues are extremely long, you should buy tickets for some attractions on the Internet before you visit. We recommend buying tickets the great great English-language website

In the following now a TOP-10-list of the sights in Florence. Such lists are of course always somewhat controversial. These are the top 10 sights of Florence from our point of view:

List Top 10 Sights Florence
Name Place of interest location Admission and Tickets
1. Cathedral of Florence

city centre

With tour to the famous dome about 45 Euro, tickets and more information
2.Uffizi Museum

city centre

On the Internet without queuing about 20 Euro, ticket and more information
3. Accademia Museum

city centre

On the Internet without queues about 16 Euro, ticket and more information
4. Ponte Vecchio

city centre

Public bridge, no ticket required
5. Palazzo Vecchio

city centre

On the Internet without queuing about 19 to 25 euros, ticket and more information
6.  Palazzo Pitti

about 20 min on foot

On site about 13 Euro
7. Cathedral Museum

city centre

Only with a full ticket Dom
8. Basilica Santa Croce

near city centre

On site 8 Euro
9. Mercato Centrale

city centre

Public market, freely accessible
10. Michelangelo Square

about 30 min walk

Public square, freely accessible

Brief description of the major sights of Florence

1. Florence Cathedral: The cathedral is one of the top 10 sights in Italy. One of the largest churches in the world with many highlights inside and out. Absolutely worth seeing is the gigantic dome (15th century). At that time, the construction of such a dome was not technically possible, but it succeeded nevertheless. A top 10 sight of Italy. Tickets and more information

2. Uffizi: One of the top 10 art museums in the world. The huge collection (especially Renaissance) includes works by Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. The museum is also among the top 10 sights of Italy. Ticket and more information

3. Accademia: Also a magnificent art museum with the most famous statue in the world, the David of Michelangelo. Ticket and more information

4. Ponte Vecchio Florence: World famous bridge with shops over the river Arno and great views.

5. Palazzo Vecchio Florence: For centuries the seat of the government and town hall. Great rooms and pictures inside, also very popular is the ascent of the Arnolfo Tower with a great view over the city. Tickets and more information

6. Palazzo Pitti Floence: On the other side of the river Arno, just outside the city centre. Today there are several important museums in the palace. The gardens are also world famous..

7. Florence Cathedral Museum: Next to Florence Cathedral Museum. To here many works of art have been removed from the cathedral, models of the dome and much more.

8. Santa Croce Florence: The second most important church in Florence after the Cathedral. Especially the tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei and Dante in the Basilica are an absolute sight-highlight.

9. Mercato Centrale Florenz: great, genuine Italian markez for groceries in the basement, upstairs restaurants etc.

10. Michelangelo Square Florence: Viewpoint over the city of Florence on the other side of the river Arno. Here you can take the best photos of Florence.

Admission Prices and Tickets Top10 Sights Florence

Florence isn't exactly cheap. Even tickets to the top 10 sights tear a hole in the holiday budget. If you want to visit all the big sights of Florence, including the dome of the cathedral, you get rid of approximately 100 euros per person. But it is worth it. If one has already paid the expensive trip to the capital of the Tuscany, you should also have a look at the important attractions. Many things you will remember for the rest of yout life. If you want to have a look at all 10 top 10 sights, you should plan at least 4 days in Florence, one whole day of it just for the cathedral.

1. Cathedral of Florence: You can see the cathedral itself, the Baptistery and the Kyrpta and climb the church tower. There is a ticket for about 15 euros. However, we recommend a visit to the world-famous dome. This is only possible in a guided tour that should be booked with date and time on this website in advance

2. Uffizi Museum Florence: Very long queues at the entrance, often several hundred meters long. But for a few euros more you can buy a ticket without queuing on the internet for about 20 euros. Absolutely recommendable, waiting in line for several hours on a valuable holiday day makes no sense. Here you can find on this link the tickets for the Uffizi on the internet.

3. Accademia Museum Florence: Similar to the Uffizi, very long queues at the ticket counter. It is much better to buy tickets in advance on the Internet for about 16 euros than queuing. On this page you can buy tickets for the Accademia Museum.

4. Ponte Vecchio Florence: Public bridge, no entrance fee or ticket, open 24 hours.

5. Palazzo Vecchio Florence: Even at the Old Palace the queues are often long, especially in summer. Also here we recommend the purchase of the tickets before with Getyourguide for 19 euro or 25 euro inclusive tower climbing.

6. Palazzo Pitti Floence: Here the queues are usually not so long, you can buy the tickets at the palace. A ticket for all museums in the palace costs approximately 13 euros. Guided tours are also great, you should book them on this website in advance.

7. Cathedral Museum Florence: See above at 1. Cathedral. Only ticket for the whole cathedral for about 15 Euro inludinf the museum and much more.

8. Basilica Santa Croce: Tickets for the interior of the church are available st the church for 8 euros.

9. Mercato Centrale: Public market, top 10 attraction in Florence without admission. Open exery day (limited on Sundays)

10. Michelangelo Square: Public square, no entrance fee.


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Important: This article was translated by a non-native English speaking person. We apologize for mistakes.





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